Sophistication 2010 is up!

Our eBay username is ‘melodyvaleriecouture’ and currently we have four new items for your viewing pleasure! Click on the images to go to the listings (you can also use the widget in the sidebar):


9 thoughts on “Sophistication 2010 is up!

  1. After seeing the listings, I’m a little confused. Each are listed as LE #3/4. Shouldn’t each be #1/4? If not, what happened to the first two?

  2. That is a good question Claire… were some already sold and does this mean you will have two weeks of auctions? Or are there still four of each and there will be four weeks of auctions?

  3. Yes, some have already been sold, so there will be two copies of each dress available (and two weeks of auctions).

  4. Socialite is beautiful! I hope the bidding doesn’t go up too high, because I’d love to purchase it. Thanks for the pictures and links!

  5. These three dresses and one coat are absolutely, positively gorgeous! Stunning in every respect! Congrats on such a lovely holiday line!

  6. Some dresses are already sold? But I thought these were seven day auctions, and the ones currently listed do not even have bids yet. Were these outfits sold before the general public even knew about them? Who knew about them before hand? Who was offered chances to buy them before anyone else did?

    Sorry, they *are* beautiful dresses but I literally have no chance of ever getting one so I’m going to have to teach myself not to want them.

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