Tidbits of a newsy nature

Yes, it’s February already! (So, technically, we’re late. But it needed to be done…) Last weekend, Samantha and Melody and I sat down and sketched out a rough plan for 2011. There’s still plenty of details to figure out as we go along, but I think in the long run it will free us up to be even more creative and productive, and we’re all very excited to see how it will help Melody Valerie Couture grow. 2011 promises to have some wonderful new things in store for us! We think you’ll like it too — and we can’t wait to share the relevant bits of it with you as they come up!

In addition, we’re finally finishing up some long-overdue custom work — look for photos coming soon!

And, because posts are better with photos, I’ll leave you with this one, which I snapped yesterday while walking around outside. The weather’s been lovely — clear, cold and dry — and the sunlight is just gorgeous on that rock wall, don’t you think? 



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