coming right up, folks!

That’s right, launch is tomorrow! Lisette here, writing from the bustling hive of activity that is the Melody Valerie Couture HQ. I’m in charge of getting all the labels ready to go, and I’m so excited about how they’re coming together! Seamlessly, in fact. (Maybe this means I’ve finally learned to speak computer?) The only hitch is that the printer ran out of ink, so I have to put in a new cartridge, but that should be easy enough. Plus, Samantha, our technical gal, is always right there to help unconfuse me. You just can’t beat a good I.T. person, can you?

Melinda says to tell you that we’ll start putting dresses up in our Etsy shop about 10 am PST tomorrow. Oh, and here’s a very nice little photo thingy Melody made about it (she’s been doing all the photo/text collages around here lately, because she’s really good at it):

How’s that for exciting?!

Talk to you all tomorrow,



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