Inspiration strikes again…


It’s kindof funny, how we keep coming back to some of the same things here at Melody Valerie Couture. Take, for instance, this smock, from the Victoria and Albert Museum (click on the picture to visit its page).



Melody found this item a long time ago, and saved the picture onto our hard drive for future reference. Every time we come across it, we are reminded just how much we love this type of embroidery — one color, worked in intricate, all-over patterns. So clean, complex, and yet simple; rather like line drawings with thread!

We find ourselves drawn to such patterns time and again, almost whatever medium they appear in. Calligraphic flourishes? Cloister windows? Real vines in nature? Wrought iron? We love them all. Call it what you will, but the simple, monochromatic line on a solid backdrop holds an immense appeal for us.

Sigh. Isn’t it lovely?

Melinda and Melody


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