Invisible zippers (and other lovely things)

Today, because the sun was out (and because we needed some supplies) Sophia and I decided to hit the Memorial Day sale at one of our favorite fabric shops. So we grabbed our coupon booklet, donned our helmets and sallied forth upon the tandem bicycle. (It’s quite an adventure, by the way — you all should try it someday!)

As you probably know, we usually use invisible zippers to close our dresses. We love the way they provide a smooth, professional finish to the backside of the dress, not to mention the lovely sound they make zipping up and down!

Back when we started, we used one kind of invisible zipper almost exclusively — it was readily available, and it came in a bazillion colors! It works great, and we really loved the way we could pick out one that matched whatever fabric we were using almost exactly.

Recently, however, we got brave and tried using another brand of zipper, which boasts a much smaller, more flexible coil (the little teeth that interlock). As a result, it’s lighter, smaller, and works even better in doll dresses. The only drawback is that the color selection is rather spotty, so we can’t always get the shade we want. Yes, we know, you can paint the slider to match the fabric, since the slider is all that really shows in the end — but we’re sticklers for consistency, and that just somehow seems wrong to us!

After we found the zippers we needed at the store today, we just had to wander through the clearance aisle. Guess what we found: green vinyl leather! It’s delightfully soft and smooth — and what’s not to love about grass green?  



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