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Just because we thought maybe you’d like a little something to tide you over until Saturday =)

Melinda & Melody


Why we sometimes don’t post

We try to put something interesting and new up on the blog every week…but sometimes (as I’m sure you’ve noticed) it doesn’t happen. In our defense, we can only offer two, rather humble, excuses. 1: It’s quiet in the studio, so there’s not much to say. 2: The studio is so busy we can barely make time for lunch break. Posting? Who’s heard of that? =)


In case you were wondering, this week definitely falls into the second category. Launch is just four short days away! Can you believe it? At any rate, we’ve been getting ready with full force. The photoshoot was this morning, and here are Melody, Samantha and me (Lisette) hanging out in the grass in our work dresses, discussing our next move…

And, as if just prepping for launch wasn’t exciting enough, our iron died last week! Apparently it decided it’d had enough — something fried in the electrical circuits, so Samantha and Sophia just pulled the plug. It was a sad day. Melinda and Melody tried not to get too worried about the sewing (they can’t sew without an iron!). Fortunately, we were able to get a new iron the next day, and so far we like it even better than the old one. It’s heavier, and it steams up a storm! Plus it heats up super fast… that’s always a plus when you’re kindof impatient, like me!


Anyway, it’s lovely to talk to you all, but I’ve got to run. There’s photos to cull, buttons to sew, boxes to fold, ads to write… the list goes on, but we shall reach the end! And Saturday will be tons of fun!




A visit from Addy

Last week was special for a couple of reasons. First, we had a visitor! Addy, who ordered the Alice in Wonderland dress, needed a few adjustments to make it fit just right. So she came out to have a personal fitting. We’ve never had a doll visitor to our studio before! It was lots of fun. We enjoyed meeting her and showing her the local sights. It was a party! Plus we did the fitting (since that’s why she was out here anyway….) She seems very happy with it!










That, however, is about all we did last week. The Great Cold of 2011 caught up to us, so Melinda, Sophia, and Lisette were all out on the couch for several days. Wiped, in fact. (They got to watch movies, though, so don’t feel too sorry for them!) Anyway, we’re a little further behind on the sewing than we’d like. I guess I should have been stitching instead of talking to Addy…but hey, how often do you get visitors?


PS: Did you see the embroidery on the hem?  She and her mom did it themselves!  So beautiful, and it looks just like the dress from the movie!  We were impressed =)

Cotton Voile

Hi all! Lisette here. First off, let me say the weather this weekend was fabulous. Quite possibly the warmest & sunniest we’ve had all year! So of course Melody and I had to get out in it. (Those poppies sure are going gangbusters, aren’t they?)

Now, to the cotton voile: It’s a mysteriously light fabric — it kindof looks solid, but it’s not. It’s very airy and, if you get the light just right, it’s almost transparent. So, when we saw some at the fabric store the other day we had to get some!









We’re not fabulous photographers, but we loved the way it cast a hazy gray shadow in the bright sunlight.

And look! You can see the poppies silhouetted behind the fabric! Serious design potential here….

Of course, we bought it thinking it would make some fabulous dresses. (Or parts of dresses; Melody keeps telling me about some really neat embellishment techniques with semi-sheer fabrics!) But, given how much fun it is to photograph with, we just might have to buy more =)


PS– still sewing up a storm! We thought (briefly) about posting a studio shot to show you all of the craziness around here. Bad idea! There are seriously about fifty projects going on right now, and there are piles of fabric and bits of thread and clippings everywhere! Let’s just say cotton voile is WAY more photogenic….