Cotton Voile

Hi all! Lisette here. First off, let me say the weather this weekend was fabulous. Quite possibly the warmest & sunniest we’ve had all year! So of course Melody and I had to get out in it. (Those poppies sure are going gangbusters, aren’t they?)

Now, to the cotton voile: It’s a mysteriously light fabric — it kindof looks solid, but it’s not. It’s very airy and, if you get the light just right, it’s almost transparent. So, when we saw some at the fabric store the other day we had to get some!









We’re not fabulous photographers, but we loved the way it cast a hazy gray shadow in the bright sunlight.

And look! You can see the poppies silhouetted behind the fabric! Serious design potential here….

Of course, we bought it thinking it would make some fabulous dresses. (Or parts of dresses; Melody keeps telling me about some really neat embellishment techniques with semi-sheer fabrics!) But, given how much fun it is to photograph with, we just might have to buy more =)


PS– still sewing up a storm! We thought (briefly) about posting a studio shot to show you all of the craziness around here. Bad idea! There are seriously about fifty projects going on right now, and there are piles of fabric and bits of thread and clippings everywhere! Let’s just say cotton voile is WAY more photogenic….


4 thoughts on “Cotton Voile

  1. I love your dresses. Now I am inspired to make a dolly pastry to match. ( I have a shop on Etsy for doll food )

    It makes such a difference to see beautifully made dresses.


    • Thank you for your kind words! And how lovely that you have an Etsy shop too! It’s always so inspiring to meet other people doing excellent creative work. We’d love to see the dolly pastry you come up with!
      Melinda and Melody

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