A visit from Addy

Last week was special for a couple of reasons. First, we had a visitor! Addy, who ordered the Alice in Wonderland dress, needed a few adjustments to make it fit just right. So she came out to have a personal fitting. We’ve never had a doll visitor to our studio before! It was lots of fun. We enjoyed meeting her and showing her the local sights. It was a party! Plus we did the fitting (since that’s why she was out here anyway….) She seems very happy with it!










That, however, is about all we did last week. The Great Cold of 2011 caught up to us, so Melinda, Sophia, and Lisette were all out on the couch for several days. Wiped, in fact. (They got to watch movies, though, so don’t feel too sorry for them!) Anyway, we’re a little further behind on the sewing than we’d like. I guess I should have been stitching instead of talking to Addy…but hey, how often do you get visitors?


PS: Did you see the embroidery on the hem?  She and her mom did it themselves!  So beautiful, and it looks just like the dress from the movie!  We were impressed =)


One thought on “A visit from Addy

  1. Oh dear, I’m sorry the Great Cold of 2011 caught up with you, it’s just caught up with me too. Yay for visitors! I love visitors. And the embroidery is beautiful, they’re super talented!

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