the aftermath

Whew. Releasing a new collection is always very exciting, but it’s also quite nice when the dust settles afterwards =) By now we’ve shipped off all the packages, done the accounting, and cleaned up the studio. Personally, that’s one of my favorite parts — nothing like a clean workspace to invite new ideas!

Speaking of inspiration and new ideas, how’s about this?

This hat from the 1820s is just too much fun! I’ve been watching plaids lately. It’s always interesting to see how people use — or don’t use — the pattern in a finished garment, and what effects that gives.

Here’s a delightful 8th c. textile from China. I can’t get over embroidery — something about the combination of intense craftsmanship and its tremendous graphic quality, probably!

And what’s not to love about pretty, white Regency dresses?

Fashion Museum, Bath (BATMC I.09.942) 

One thought on “the aftermath

  1. Wow! Everything is so pretty! I cannot wait until the possible release of your next(Hopefully Fall?) Collection! My favorite part, of course, is the crazy method I use to update my page in the minutes leading up to a release! Too, too fun!

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