button love

As you may have noticed, we do like to use buttons on our dresses sometimes. The only trouble is finding the right ones…

Mother-of-pearl is much nicer to use than plastic, but it can be tricky to find them small enough. And since most mother-of-pearl these days seems to be vintage, they’re often a mixed bag of sizes and patterns. So imagine how happy we were to find these 96 matching buttons in a funky little Etsy shop! (Her shop is called the alpinegirl five and ten, and she’s very nice!)


They’re vintage backstock, never used, and still sewn onto their original cards. Since the thread is so old, several of the buttons have fallen off, but that’s ok since we’re just going to sew them onto something else! (And as a side note, that’s why you shouldn’t sew with the really old thread you might find lying around in your attic. Thread can age very quickly, especially if it’s been exposed to lots of sunlight. It gets brittle and weak — and almost impossible to use! So get out there and buy yourself some new thread!)

Anyway, we are very happy with these buttons. Mother-of-pearl seems to last through the ages much better than thread does =)

Hurrah for the magic of the internet!

Melinda and Melody



2 thoughts on “button love

  1. That’s interesting! My sister’s very into sewing, and she’s been using buttons quite a lot recently. There’s a part of a street in my city that is very much just shops that sell ribbon, thread, buttons, fabric, etc. There’s a store that sells just buttons, and I found some that are about 5milimetres in diameter! Buttons are very fascinating in my opinion.

  2. Wow Camille, that sounds fabulous! Almost like a dream come true, to have all those wonderful shops in one place =)

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