Melody Valerie dresses out and about


We’re always delighted to see Melody Valerie dresses out in the real world, and two of our customers recently gave us a peek into the new lives their dresses are leading!

One sent us a photo of part of her Summer display — as you can see, all the dolls in this section are wearing Melody Valerie dresses! L to R, the Alice in Candyland dress (2009), the Daydream (2011), the Sweet Darling (2010), the Cecily (2011), the Yacht Club (2011), the Laurinda (2011) and the Mint Vivacity (2010).

Also, MissMidoria purchased the Transcontinental from our most recent collection, and did a (very complimentary!) video review. You can watch it here:  Thank you, MissMidoria!

–Melinda and Melody

PS: stay tuned for more posts coming up! We’ve been to several amazing fabric shops lately, and there’s lots of pretty things to share!


Meet Myrna


Did you notice? There’s a new doll on staff!

She arrived in early October, just before launch — and jumped right in to help! She’s fantastic =)

It’s been crazy around here lately (when is it not?) but Kirsten snatched some time last week to go out and take these glamour shots of our new girl.

Like a good Seattle girl, Myrna loves the outdoors. She’ll go hiking on her free time, birdwatches over lunch break, and has a serious coffee habit!

We’re so excited to welcome Myrna to the team, and are thrilled with the energy and ideas she’s already brought to the table! We can’t wait to see what comes next…

Only 22 hours until launch!


That doesn’t sound like very long, does it? =)


We’ve been working hard all week getting ready — and I just wanted to check in with you all because I am so excited for these new dresses to go out into the great big world! We had the photoshoot earlier this week (it was quite fun, let me tell you… and also quite pretty!) and since then Melody and Melinda have been culling photos, writing ads, getting things ready for the blog, &c. I’ll probably get to help with boxing and labelling, but I’ve also been doing studio cleanup with Samantha. So much goes through that little room around launch that it takes two of us just to keep it clear! And Melinda says a clean studio helps her think better. I quite agree =)


Anyway I’m going to make myself a bracing, warm cup of tea and get back to it. We’ll be ready!



So why is it called “Coherent”?


It’s coming right up — our newest collection, “Coherent”, will be available for sale in our Etsy shop next Saturday, Oct. 15th!

But what does coherent mean?

consistent; sticking together; having or observing a due agreement of parts.

connected; united by some relation in form or order; logically connected.

And why name a collection “Coherent”? Two easy reasons.

1) Every time we design a collection, we try to make the different designs harmonize as much as we can, while still retaining every ounce of their own individuality. We use themes, colors, motifs, and repeated elements to create… well, coherence. A sticking-together of the different dresses, if you will. Our goal is to combine disparate elements in new — but sticky — ways.

2) Dresses aren’t words. But we’re trying to clarify our mission a bit, and dresses are how we speak. We want you to look at our dresses and know exactly what we stand for — true, uncompromising feminity. Life is a beautiful gift, and even the dolls in the world should be dressed in a way to reflect that beauty.

Have we done the word justice? Probably not. But that’s not the point. Melody Valerie Couture first opened its doors a little over three years ago, and it’s high time we kept growing, not just more complicated, but tighter. We’re always working to make our dresses the best and most “Melody-Valerie-ish” they can be. And that, in a nutshell, is why we are calling this latest collection “Coherent.”



the definition above is from our favorite old, fat dictionary (it’s a Webster’s from the forties) and from