Meet Myrna


Did you notice? There’s a new doll on staff!

She arrived in early October, just before launch — and jumped right in to help! She’s fantastic =)

It’s been crazy around here lately (when is it not?) but Kirsten snatched some time last week to go out and take these glamour shots of our new girl.

Like a good Seattle girl, Myrna loves the outdoors. She’ll go hiking on her free time, birdwatches over lunch break, and has a serious coffee habit!

We’re so excited to welcome Myrna to the team, and are thrilled with the energy and ideas she’s already brought to the table! We can’t wait to see what comes next…


2 thoughts on “Meet Myrna

  1. That dress is adorable! Oh and don’t forget the one wearing it! She sounds like a great new addition to your team! I hope you have a spectacular time being a MVC team member Myrna!

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