Melody Valerie dresses out and about


We’re always delighted to see Melody Valerie dresses out in the real world, and two of our customers recently gave us a peek into the new lives their dresses are leading!

One sent us a photo of part of her Summer display — as you can see, all the dolls in this section are wearing Melody Valerie dresses! L to R, the Alice in Candyland dress (2009), the Daydream (2011), the Sweet Darling (2010), the Cecily (2011), the Yacht Club (2011), the Laurinda (2011) and the Mint Vivacity (2010).

Also, MissMidoria purchased the Transcontinental from our most recent collection, and did a (very complimentary!) video review. You can watch it here:  Thank you, MissMidoria!

–Melinda and Melody

PS: stay tuned for more posts coming up! We’ve been to several amazing fabric shops lately, and there’s lots of pretty things to share!


One thought on “Melody Valerie dresses out and about

  1. Those Lucky Dolls! Getting to wear couture dresses! And they look so fashionable! I really wanted to buy Mint Vivacity and The Daydream!

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