Button quest? Completed =)

During a recent get-together, a sewing friend of mine mentioned that the shop she works at carries some wonderful buttons. And, she said, many of them were tiny. Of course, since I’m always on the lookout for small buttons, I had to go. And I was not disappointed.

I found some pretty mother-of-pearl, in standard off-white and a fascinating smokey gray, as well as incredibly tiny square buttons (I’m still not sure how I’ll sew them on — I’ll figure something out!)

The mother of pearl buttons were just just the beginning, however. They had a huge selection of handmade Czech glass buttons, many of them vintage — and wow, were they lovely!

I couldn’t get over the level of detail (the patterns are incredibly crisp and intricate, which can be hard to find even on larger buttons). And the colors are gorgeous. Here I’m mostly showing you the black and white ones, but I found some delicious green, purple, and blue buttons as well.



That iridescent coating really takes it up a notch, don’t you think?

Some of these beauties I have definite plans for — but most of them are going in the stash, waiting for just the right moment to spring into action. You never know when an evening cape or a day dress is going to need that little bit of detailed bling!



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