the Garland Dress

As you may have noticed, we haven’t been doing much custom work lately. But we couldn’t pass up the chance to try to make this. I mean, what a challenge!

The Garland Dance is from New York City Ballet’s production of Sleeping Beauty. We were awed at the sheer amount of visual activity on this dress! Bodice, peplum loops, lace at the neckline, buttons down the front, ribbons everywhere, and (if you look carefully at the rightmost dancer in this photograph) a skirt made of at least four layers — white, yellow, lacy, and pink!

After hours of studying the photos, making mock ups, searching for just the right fabrics and trim, and finally stitching it all in place, here is our version of the Garland Dress!

Most of the trim on the bodice had to be hand-stitched down — there’s lace and ribbon at the neckline, silver cord across the bodice front, and of course the velvet ribbons down the seams! Not to mention that we stitched the rose at the neckline out of a piece of silk ribbon, and built the ‘buttons’ out of jewelry spacers and Swarovski crystals.

We also hand-stitched light pink silk ribbon onto the puffed sleeves, over the casing. It’s subtle, but we loved the way it added an extra dimension to the sleeves.

And here are the afore-mentioned layers of skirt!

It was truly one of our biggest projects yet, but we couldn’t be more satisfied with how it came out!


4 thoughts on “the Garland Dress

    • Hi Jean,
      Thanks for commenting! At the moment, we don’t have plans to duplicate this dress — however, drop us an email (melodyvalerie [at] if you’re interested. We could probably work something out!

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