It’s not what I would have expected — but even doing the sewing for this business requires a lot of ordinary, easy math. Fractions are already everywhere in sewing (5/8 of a yard, 1/4″ seam allowances, &c) but as soon as you start making multiples of anything, you have to do… well, multiplication!

Take, for example, our most recent custom order, the Garland Dress. It’s got a peplum (peplums are rather like short skirts, only just for decorative purposes) made out of little stiffened loops. It’s made to fit a small doll, so it shouldn’t be too many loops, right? However, at the correct scale, I calculated we’d need 7 loops/side. Since there are two sides, 7×2 = 14 loops. And, since each loop is roughly 3″ long, when flat, that means 14×3 = 42″ of loop material!

As if 42″ wasn’t enough fun, the original photos show trim marching down both sides of each loop! So, 42″ x 2 sides = 84″ (which incidentally is about 4.6 times the height of a doll!) That’s a fair bit of trim, but wow! are the results spectacular or what!

Can’t get enough multiplication? Now just imagine how much trim and loop material you’d need to make a run of four Garland Dresses — or a person-sized dress!! =)

–Melinda and Melody


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