Thanksgiving… and beyond!

Another Thanksgiving, come and gone. How was yours? Ours was a delightful day of eating turkey, mashed potatoes, and some really killer pie — plus a healthy dose of relaxing on the couch, hanging out with family, and watching movies. The rain let up for a minute, so I even got to get out on a deliciously relaxing bike ride =)

We did a little Black Friday shopping, but in the afternoon it was Back To Work with us! And we’ve been staying quite busy since then. (After all, we do have a launch on Saturday…) Pre-launch week is one of the most exciting, as well as the most hectic, weeks of the whole process. There’s always a little bit of sewing to finish up, plus the photoshoot to arrange and take; then there’s photo culling, ad-writing, label designing, various announcements, and a thousand other little things to do. The myriad of different tasks is a nice change of pace, however, after several 40-hr weeks during the “build” where really all we do is sew!

The new holiday garb will be up in the Etsy shop at 10 am, PST. As usual, we’re excited to share the beauty with you!

–Melinda and Melody


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