Custom Work page updated

Just this weekend we shipped off our two most recent custom orders! They were both wonderful projects — but as one was a tailored man’s suit and the other was a tutu, they couldn’t have been more different…

In any case, there are now photos up on the “Custom” page for your viewing pleasure; you can also click on the pictures below to get there =)

Some interesting figures:

We used 24 buttons on the menswear ensemble! Yes, it sounds like a lot, but when you add up the vest (3), shirt (8), pants (2), and jacket (11), that is indeed the truth of the matter.

It took seven layers of tulle to build this tutu. At about 100″ long each, that adds up to 700 inches of tulle, or just over 58 feet! Yes. It’s extravagant. But ah, the poufiness…



3 thoughts on “Custom Work page updated

  1. When I first saw the suit, I was reminded of the musical “Les Misérables”. My school did a production of the musical, and there were a lot of excellent costumes (although only some things, like a couple coats, hats, and other things were hand-made). The suit reminded me of the costumes worn by the characters from the ABC Society (the students [a French play on words; pronounced in French, A-B-C forms another word; abaissé]). I think the suit looks brilliant. It’s an excellent piece all in all. 🙂

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