Petals, petals, petals!

Well, this round of custom work is winding to a close. But what fun to finish it off with this delightful, petal-liscious ensemble! We’re making a few little changes — perhaps most notably deviating from the original black and bursting into color with a fushcia base and an amethyst chiffon on top.

After a little quick estimating (skirt 20″ or 25 petals wide by 4 petals tall) 100 petals seemed about the right number to make. (Actually we made 108, just to have a couple extra in case something came up.) I thought they’d look great in the chiffon, fluttering about and letting little flashes of fuschia poke through.

Chiffon, especially the silk chiffon we love so much, is notoriously slippery. It’s also very delicate (it holds pinholes excellently! Not really a feature.) To help stabilize the fabric during stitching, we usually back it with tissue paper before stitching, then tear the tissue away afterwards. This keeps the chiffon in place, gives us something to pin to, and also helps prevent the chiffon from getting eaten by the machine.

In this case, the tissue served yet another purpose — we just had to trace the petal outline onto the tissue, baste the chiffon to the top, and then stitch!

One of the petal ‘sheets’ after stitching:

Here’s a view from the back:

Some of the petals, cut out (top) and with the tissue torn off the back (bottom):

Since they’re cut on the bias (rotated 45 degrees), the petals won’t fray very much — they’ll just get a little fuzzy round the edges for effect, while the stitching will keep it in place for the long term.

And, because I know you’re curious, here’s a teaser preview of the finished dress (more pictures coming soon):

Next up? The Spring line!


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