Sunrise is here!

Hooray! The new designs are up for sale in the Etsy shop!

It’s “Daybreak”. And whether it’s “Monday Morning”, or whether you’re just the “New Girl”, it always helps if you put your “Best Foot Forward”. Because, after all, “You Never Know” what delightful surprises are in store!

The sun is rising – get out there and live!

Wishing you a splendid spring,

-Melody Valerie Couture



Which of the new designs is your favorite?



Happy Tuesday

Because, quite frankly, it is a happy Tuesday. =)

We’re well into the production part of launch — culling photos, writing ads, making sure we’ve got all the boxes we need, and oh! yes, making labels.

And just for fun, here’s a sneak peek (!!) Don’t worry, I promised not to leak anything else until Saturday…


It’s shaping up to be a splendid launch!


Ten days out from launch and counting…

Well, we’re just under two weeks away from the big day — and things are picking up around here, that’s for sure. Yesterday we were sewing so fast, threads were flying! That is, until we ran out of thread and had to make an emergency trip to our favorite fabric shop. Fortunately they had just what we needed and we dove right back into the fray. (Or the battle against the fray…)


image from Wikipedia (


Things are really starting to come together, which is very exciting to see. Melody and I plan it out carefully, but collections often take on their own ideas and morph a bit between design and completion, so we’re never quite sure what the last few weeks are going to hold! It can be quite the adventure sometimes… but so far, I think we’re in good shape =)

Also, the people at the Doll Wardrobe ( nominated us for the Versatile Blogger award! Thank you!

–Melinda and Melody

“Masquerade” is up for viewing!

Starlight Studios just informed us that their new film, “Masquerade,” is up for viewing! Thanks to their hard work, and the generosity of the people at the Doll Wardrobe ( it’s quite stunning. Here’s the link:

I think my favorite part has to be the ballroom scene at the end (featuring many Melody Valerie evening dresses!) — but there are so many other good parts! What’s your favorite? Leave a comment and let us know =)


Finds from Sew Expo 2012

Hello everyone!

Well, it’s clearly spring around here. We’ve had snow, sunshine and rather blustery weather all within 24 hours, so winter must be on its way out!

Lots of good stuff has been happening inside, too; we’re once again up to our ears in ideas and fabric and threads… Yes, the Spring Line is coming, and very nicely too might we add. We’re trying out one or two new things and so far I’m very pleased with how they’re coming out. I know you are all waiting to hear when these new frocks will debut — we have a date in pencil and hope to ink it in red permanent marker soon. (At which point, we will proceed to plaster it over everything in sight!)

Last week we made the voyage down to the 2012 Sewing and Stitchery Expo. As always, there were far more beautiful things than time to absorb them all…. ah well. Here are some highlights of what we brought home — enjoy!