“Today’s Fairytales” pictures up!

Samantha and I have finally vanquished the technological gremlins (they were making it tricky to upload the pictures but once I started rubbing their tummies they were more cooperative. Go figure… )

Anyway, click on the photo below to see more pretty shots of “Today’s Fairytales” and our newest model, Pearl.




Meet Pearl

Well, we’re back from vacation (we had a lovely time =) and have now finished this custom order. Isn’t it delightful?

We’re also pleased to introduce our newest staff member, Pearl. We were able to interview her on part of our trip, and we’re thrilled to welcome her to the MVC staff.

More photos of this little number (and of Pearl) are forthcoming! And, as always, don’t hesitate to contact us  if you have a project of your own in mind =)


–Melinda and Melody

Look how charming this is!

Well, we’re stitching merrily away on another custom order — and it’s coming out so cute, we just had to share =)

This dress from Modcloth.com was the original inspiration:

We haven’t added the halter ties yet, obviously, but here’s our version:

We love the way the skirt falls into such graceful folds. It promises to be very twirl-able!

–Melinda and Melody

Nothing like a little hand embroidery to start the day…

Just saw this on Threads Magazine online — a pair of gorgeously embroidered sleeves. (You can read the article here: Threads Magazine online)

Kenneth King, who owns them, very nicely took lots of gorgeous, close-up shots (which is really where the ‘wow’ factor comes in).

The article explains the different kinds of stitching used in most of the motifs; here, tambour stitching makes up the long, shiny stitches and bullion stitch was used for the centers of the flowers.

And isn’t all that couching just gorgeous? Wow. And that’s just the edge of the sleeve.  Sigh…


thank you

Whew! Thanks to everyone who made Sunrise such a successful collection! We spent all day yesterday boxing up orders and then shuttling them to the post office, so everyone who ordered should be getting their new frocks soon. =)

Find the "New Girl" dress in our Etsy shop...

We’ve spent a delightful day today just tidying up — sorting through piles of papers, updating records, thinking through what comes next.  We have lots of very interesting ideas, so it’s hard to know where to start… but we’ll be sure to keep you posted!