Thank you!

Whew! Thank you everyone for your tremendous response to launch this morning! It was truly amazing, and we are so grateful to get to work with you =) Your enthusiasm is catching!

Amidst the melee, we’ve been busy boxing, packaging, giving each dress a final inspection and pressing to be sure it looks its best, and doing a little cleanup. (And we’ve already managed to get in one post office run, hooray! So some of you should be getting your dresses very soon…)


Thank you again from the bottom of our hearts. It is truly you all who make this possible. =)

With sincere gratitude,

Melinda, Melody, and the MVC staff


One Mouthful of a Word

dye-AF-uh-nuss, adj. It means sheer, gauzy, fine, and translucent. As in, ‘the diaphanous forewing of an insect,” or “sunlight filtered through the diaphanous curtain.”

When I first met this word, I was in a vocabulary class. It captivated me! Just the word itself sounded light, delicate, and ephemeral.

However, it is on the long side of things. In an attempt to shorten it, I toyed with naming our upcoming collection ‘diaphany’ instead — presumably the noun form of ‘diaphanous’, and rather more manageable!  I was really excited about that until I realized ‘diaphany’ wasn’t a word. (If you spell it with an ‘o’ you get “diaphony,” which is a musical term meaning two parts sounding simultaneously; like two people singing an unaccompanied duet.)

As it tuns out, the real noun form of ‘diaphanous’ is even longer: ‘diaphanousness’! If you thought the adjective was a mouthful….

…well, let’s just stick with the adjective!


–with thanks to for some of the finer points of the definition

New dresses coming June 30th…

…a fact of which we are daily aware! Thankfully everything is coming together smoothly so far; we are still waiting to get the last of the zippers, but I don’t anticipate any problems  =)

Samantha, Kirsten and Melody enjoying the sunshine

These new dresses are a celebration of summer – which got me to thinking, what exactly is it about summer that we wish to celebrate? As trite as it sounds, it’s the warm weather I look forward to every year. You know, that ideal 75 degree day, where it’s neither too hot nor too cold? And when there’s just a hint of a breeze… aah…  You can break out your favorite little sundress and leave the sandals in the closet! Goodbye cardigan, hello sunshine!

What do you like to celebrate about summer?


so what’s a bodkin?

Glad you asked!

This is my new favorite sewing tool. I just got my hands on it, and I love it already! It’s meant for threading ribbons or drawstrings through casings — hence, the large eye on one end and the rounded tip on the other.

Why do I love it so? Well, for one thing, it’s very nice to hold. No extra moving parts, just a lot of smooth, shiny metal that you can’t accidentally poke yourself with. And it also makes a fabulous pressing tool. The eye end (which is nice and flat) is especially good for opening seam allowances. This spares the fingers a lot of steam burn — always a good thing!

I must admit, I haven’t had a chance to use it for its intended purpose yet. But the bodkin has definitely earned its keep. =)