as promised….

lots more pictures! Enjoy! 🙂


custom work update!

Yes, these two custom orders are done! On the left, the “Charcuterie Dress”, and on the right, “Light and Bubbly”! More photos coming soon….


Iron-on vinyl: the next best thing since…

… well, I don’t know what. But it is actually pretty neat stuff. For one of our custom orders, I really wanted a belt and bow made from a colored leather or leatherette. Since I couldn’t find any at the fabric shop, I remembered a tip my friend gave me, and tried the iron-on vinyl.  This photo shows the fabric before and after!

From flat fabric to shiny “patent leather”! That’s neat.

Now, how else can I use it…?!


we are featured in an Etsy treasury!

‘Treasuries’ are like lists of items that Etsy users put together. They’re tasteful juxtapositions of handmade things you wouldn’t think to put together… and personally I love how color-coordinated they are =)


Anyway, Ana Ribeiro of UHHU was kind enough to include our Celandine in one of her Treasuries. Hooray! And there are so many other pretty things — have a look!


what’s going on around here?

In a word, Custom Work.

This first dress is one our client spotted while window shopping in New York! After some discussion we decided to go for a solid navy blue color scheme, with a yellow belt and bow. And, further departing from the original, we’ll be adding three little red buttons at the neckline, placket-style. Simple, elegant, but full of bright color!

This dress is so pretty, it doesn’t really need explanation. =) Our doll-sized version should be very close to this photo — the only change may be in the color, but that depends on what kinds of fabric I can come up with…

Stay tuned! More projects are in the works, and they’re all going to be fabulous!



Do you have a dress you’ve been dreaming of? Drop me an email (melodyvalerie [at] and I’ll see what I can do for you =)