what’s going on around here?

In a word, Custom Work.

This first dress is one our client spotted while window shopping in New York! After some discussion we decided to go for a solid navy blue color scheme, with a yellow belt and bow. And, further departing from the original, we’ll be adding three little red buttons at the neckline, placket-style. Simple, elegant, but full of bright color!

This dress is so pretty, it doesn’t really need explanation. =) Our doll-sized version should be very close to this photo — the only change may be in the color, but that depends on what kinds of fabric I can come up with…

Stay tuned! More projects are in the works, and they’re all going to be fabulous!



Do you have a dress you’ve been dreaming of? Drop me an email (melodyvalerie [at] live.com) and I’ll see what I can do for you =)


One thought on “what’s going on around here?

  1. Ahhh! I loved reading what you said about the inspiration for Irina’s Charcuterie Dress.(The first one) The other custom order you have in the works also looks super sweet! I can’t wait to see if there’s a change in color. 🙂

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