Busy day at the Shop!

Well, we’re back from vacation — we had a splendid time, but it’s nice to be back too. And we haven’t been wasting any time — today we got four custom orders out the door. That’s right — four!

First: the Marie dress, from the Nutcracker:

We also put some elastic onto a pair of purchased black ballet slippers, so they’d look just like the ones in the picture.

Next, here’s the finished Hydrangea dress. It’s even more enchanting in person — I can’t help but think of cultured English gardens, gothic architecture, and (oddly enough) 18th century embroidery patterns!

This next dress (“Sunshine Polka”) was an absolute delight to work on. Funky, vintage-esque styling, with an awesome fabric. What’s not to love?

We also worked up a last-minute matching headband:

Last, but not least, was this nautical-inspired sundress. Nothing says, “I love the Sea” quite like navy and white, and from there, adding the tiny, detailed anchor charm was a no-brainer.

Whew! I think four dresses in one day is a record for custom orders! Next up: … you guessed it, the fall line!  =D



2 thoughts on “Busy day at the Shop!

  1. Thanks Callie! It was a lot of fun to work with such cheerful, bright yellow fabric 😀
    Melinda and Melody

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