Direct Checkout and other Delights

So, Etsy recently began accepting credit cards directly through their site! This is exciting news for Etsians because now anyone (anyone with a Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express, that is) can buy from shops with “Direct Checkout” enabled. Just like Amazon!

What does that mean for Melody Valerie Couture? Well, we still do take PayPal, but now — now you can pay with your favorite piece of plastic, too. (In fact, we slightly prefer plastic.) And if you’ve been waiting to purchase your very own piece of Melody Valerie, but never managed to sign up for PayPal, now you have no excuse. 😀

Our shop is empty currently, but that’s just to make room for the new dresses coming in the Fall Collection! (More on that later… stay tuned… )

What else is delightful? Paper dresses from the 60s!

the Souper dress, from the Met Museum



One thought on “Direct Checkout and other Delights

  1. The dress is really neat. It reminds me particularly of Andy Warhol, and his Campbell’s Soup cans, but it seems the dress is something like that. I’m excited to see what’s in the Fall Line (and at about that time, my Visual Arts class will be starting its fashion unit) 🙂

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