our latest custom project: lace!

For this custom order, our task was simple.


Really, who wouldn’t want to take on such an amazingly open-ended commission? The only additional constrait was that it be a day dress, rather than a gown.

After some research I was clearly leaning towards a design somewhere in the 1870s to 1910s window; many dresses from those periods feature lace, and for other inexplicable reasons (including the abundance of muted pinks and beiges) it just felt Right.

This dress from the House of Worth (1902) uses lace and cutwork simultaneously, to scrumptious effect…

…whereas this dress (Callot Soeurs, 1915-16) is all about Drama! Imagine the tulle billowing behind the wearer as she walked into the room, coupled with the beadwork and metallic accents. But incredible evening gowns will have to wait for some other day.

For the task at hand, this one (1879) takes the cake. Simple, clean lines; day-dress length; and of course, lace! I loved the interplay of the satin petals with the rows and rows of open texture, and the off-handed luxury of it all. The sketch I came up with is below:  

And here’s a shot of the fabrics and laces we’ll use:

Until next time,


 —> inspiration images are from the Met Museum, www.metmuseum.org ; click on the individual photos to visit each dress’s page.


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