Meet Rosella

One of my favorite parts about custom work is all the randomly fun things we get asked to do! Anybody out there play King’s Quest in the 90s? I’d never heard of it, but a quick Wikipedia search suggests it was (is?) wildly successful.


Rosella is the intrepid heroine of the game, which, as near as I know, consists of a series of adventures and puzzles. (If this is right up your alley, feel free to chime in, in the comments…)


In the third and fourth games, Rosella wears a lovely white gown. There isn’t much to go on from the graphics… but then again, sometimes less is more!


Based on these two pictures, and the timeless, fantasy vibe of the game, we decided to go for a general medieval princess feel, with nods to the Italian Renaissance (the gracefully pleated back shown below is super I-Ren, btws).  We’re stacking ivory lace over soft white cotton, and adding little bits of aqua accents. Simply yummy!


There will also be a cape; very basic, but very scrumptious, in this  gorgeous crushed turquoise velvet. It’ll be an ensemble fit for a queen…

turquoise velvet

… which, after all, is the point.

We’ll keep you in the loop as this story unfolds!



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