More about the Rosella Dress

First, here’s hoping everybody had a delightfully merry Christmas!

Second, we’ve finished the Rosella dress (we still have to make the cape, though). Hooray! Here are some pictures:

Rosella Dress

It’s so deliciously princesssy that we could hardly restrain our delight! And Myrna (who is modeling in these pictures) has refused to take it off….


The main fabric is actually our favorite cotton/silk blend sateen (dull side up) with this beautiful diamond-patterned silk lace on top.


bodice closeup

Don’t you love the trim? Believe it or not, it’s just fabric. We took the aqua accent fabric (china silk, if you’re interested) and made bias tubes, about 1/8″ to 3/16″ wide. Then we stitched it to the dress at 3/8″ intervals, gathering it as we went. Super cute!

I’m hoping we’ll start the cape soon (a very simple little number), so there will be pictures of that forthcoming…



One thought on “More about the Rosella Dress

  1. Is this pattern for sale? I can’t find this on Pixie Faire, even though I am able to find (and purchased) the Ivy Cape.

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