Further adventures in China silk

China silk is something I’d heard about for years, but hadn’t tried until very recently (scroll down a bit and look at the Rosella dress — the aqua accents are all China silk!) I was delightfully surprised at how responsive and easy-to-use this traditional lining fabric is. For one, it’s super lightweight and yet manages to maintain a decent amount of body. It’s slippery, but not uncontrollable; crisp yet sinuous. Holding a pile of this fabric is a bit like holding a cloud. 

Lavender gray china silk

Because it’s a lining fabric, it’s also a little see-through. That was just about perfect for the Rosella dress (the green undersleeves really needed to be somewhat sheer) but with a little help, nothing says this lining fabric can’t become a star fashion fabric in its own right!

So, when we were commissioned to make Coral this lovely little frock for  a Christmas Eve fête, I couldn’t help wanting to use China silk! Here’s the inspiration photo:

 Coral Christmas Eve dress

Coral is fond of gray, but this dress was to be a more purple, “dove” gray than the original inspiration dress. So, with the aid of the internet, I found a china silk in just the right shade and cut it in a double layer. We were off!

Coral Christmas Eve dress

Coral Christmas Eve dress

Coral Christmas Eve dressCoral Christmas Eve dress

Coral Christmas Eve dress

Coral Christmas Eve dress

Isn’t that fabric just delicious! We could have used a taffeta, or possibly even a silk duppioni (both very crisp fabrics) — but the china silk does a fabulous job of holding the pleats while still retaining a gentle fluidity. Mmm mmm. Love that fabric… what would it look like if you layered it over, say, cotton shirting? Or gathered it into bubbles? Or…?



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