A dress fit for a woodland fairy

Next up in the world of custom: a dress inspired by this human-sized top from the talented Etsy seller Lilies of the Valley.

lilies of the valley blouse


We love the clever way it’s fitted — just a simple sheath, with beautiful wrap ties. Our version will be floor length, and likely we’ll “rig” the ties (use a combination of elastic and permanent stitching to keep the ties in place, so that they don’t have to be tied and adjusted on the doll every time).

Cotton gauze seemed to be the fabric of choice, but after visiting several stores, it just didn’t seem to come in any colors we (or our client) liked. Thankfully, however, you can find it in white pretty easily, and Melinda knows a little bit about dyeing.

dyed fabric

We used a ‘low immersion’ technique, which means you use very little water for the amount of fabric. This means your fabric spends a fair amount of time crumpled up — and as a result, even with frequent stirring, you end up with lovely, naturey-looking effects like this:

fabric laid flat

For a dress like this, the gently mottled look will be just right.


In other news, we’re off to Sew Expo later this week. We hope to come back with a haul of lovely things (oh the wonders of French lace) and, to give you a flavor of the event itself, maybe even post a couple pictures of the booths and vendors there! It’s sew exciting 😀

Melinda and Melody


2 thoughts on “A dress fit for a woodland fairy

  1. What a gorgeous dye-job! I can hardly wait to see how you do this. I really, really, really like your work. And I wish, I wish, I wish I could twitch my nose and go to the Sew Expo!

  2. That’s going to be a beautiful dress and I can’t wait to see it!!! I’m so looking forward to pictures from the sew expo! OMGosh I’d love to go to that. Thank you!!!

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