Girl for All Time

Have you heard of the Girl For All Time dolls yet?

Girl for All Time girl for all time 2 girl for all time 3

girl for all time


As part of our new partnership with Liberty Jane, we’re offering some of our designs as patterns in the Girl for All Time size. We just finished resizing the New Girl dress, and Matilda (who is our fitting consultant) looked so deliriously cute that we had to share…

Do you have a Girl for All Time doll? Chime in below in the comments!


5 thoughts on “Girl for All Time

  1. H! No, I don’t have a Girl for All Time. I have never seen one of these dolls. I’ve been introduced to a host of new dolls since I found Liberty Jane and Pinterest. Up until now I had only known about American Girl Dolls and some other doll that is from all corners of the world. Can’t remember that dolls brand name. You could find them in toy stores. (and of course Madame Alexander dolls) I really love the expressions on some of these dolls I’ve seen. All different and all beautiful. I love Matilda’s dress. Will the pattern for these dolls fit the American Girl dolls?

  2. That looks just beautiful on Matilda! It would look nice on Amelia as well. So glad to see patterns being made for these lovely dolls.

  3. I love your Mathilda with the braids! And the dress is very flattering on her! She time-travels well!

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