adventures in (red) lace

Hello everyone! Thanks again for joining us for launch last week — that was so much fun! Now that all the orders have been shipped to their new homes, it’s time to clean up and start dreaming again…

That said, in and amongst all the preparations for launch, we’ve begun working on a new custom order — an ice skating dress, to be exact. And it’s gorgeous! Here’s a picture of what we’re aiming for:

Ekatarina Gordeeva Red 1994 Short Program Dress

This is Ekatarina Gordeeva’s free skate dress from 1994. Isn’t all that red lace just scrumptious?

And here’s what we’ve got so far:

red Gordeeva dress

Since this is the first time we’ve ever made a skating dress, it’s been rather slow-going. They look simple, but there’s a whole different mindset behind them! Our client has been very patient and helpful, however (she used to skate herself, so she’s kindly pointed out important details like the exact shape of the skirt, and how judges don’t like loose sleeves). And, the lace itself has presented somewhat of a challenge — mostly because I’m very picky, it’s been hard to find something just right. So far the best option has been to color white lace motifs, cut them apart, and stitch them back together over the dress.


Labor-intensive? Yes.

Fabulous? Absolutely!




and…. the dresses are up!!

That’s right! After weeks of preparation for us (and for you, waiting!), Bloom is now available in our Etsy shop!

Don’t forget, free shipping on all domestic orders with the code BLOOM2013 !



Lily of the valley


You can visit their individual pages here:

top level collection photo

Enjoy, and happy Spring!
Melinda and Melody

special: free shipping!

That’s right — for the first time ever, we’re planning to offer free shipping to domestic addresses!

bloom free shipping web size

This offer will be good on all the spring frocks in our new collection (can you believe it’s only a week away now?) As you can probably imagine, we’re busy, busy, busy working to make it all come together smoothly.

But, to make things more fun for you, we’ve started putting together a board on Pinterest devoted exclusively to the new collection. We’ll be pinning images all week long… and maybe even a sneak peek or two….

Three cheers for Spring!
Melinda and Melody