further adventures in (red) lace

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Five layers later (yes, that’s five!) we are nearly done with the skating dress! We started by making all the layers, then we put them together on the doll herself (after we first wrapped her torso with aluminum foil, to help keep us from stitching the dress to her cloth body.) First was the underbodice, which is rather like a strapless swimsuit. Then we added the skirts, the overbodice, two layers of red tulle for some color help, and finally the lace, which is just basted on at present. We may also throw on some sequins for good measure — who doesn’t love a little sparkle?

As you can guess, this is a pretty intense hand-stitching project! We were able to machine the skirt layers on, but other than that, it’s been hand-stitching all the way. Now, all that’s left is to permanently stitch the lace down…


–Melinda and Melody



two new patterns up!

If you like to sew, the wait is over. Two of the dresses from Bloom 2013 are now available as sewing patterns (and the other two are in the pipeline!)

Lisianthus pattern cover

Lily of the Valley Pattern coverThese are both really fun dresses to make (even if we do say so ourselves!) Lisianthus features lapped, topstitched bodice seams — and we’re especially proud of the way the pleats form in Lily of the Valley. They’re both intermediate level projects — hopefully not so hard as to discourage experienced seamstresses, but complicated enough to offer a challenge…


If you end up sewing these dresses, give us a shout-out in the comments and let us know!


Melinda and Melody