Inventions in Steampunk No. 1:”Ardith”

cover image “Ardith”, the first of our new items for our fall 2013 collection “Inventions in Steampunk”,  is now available for auction! Click here to view the listing — and don’t miss your chance to bid on this spectacular piece of artwork! The auction will end about 6 pm PST next Saturday, Oct. 5th.



2013-09-27 12

2013-09-27 12.18

“Inventions in Steampunk” doesn’t stop there, though — we have three more one-of-a-kind, originally designed gowns in the works; they’ll be revealed and auctioned off in the weeks to come. So be sure to subscribe to the blog if you haven’t already — and join us as we adventure through this amazing, neo-Victorian world of gadgets and gowns!


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Melinda and Melody

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INVENTION 2013 — new fall designs coming!

Well, it’s been a long and lovely summer — but inspiration has struck once again, and after feverishly snipping, sewing, creating, and designing, we now have new dresses for fall almost ready to share!

fall 2013 announcement

This collection will feature four extraordinary dresses, each one completely unique in design, material and embellishment.


We’ll be auctioning these dresses one at a time on eBay; then, shortly following launch, the sewing patterns will be available for purchase on Pixie Faire!


The first dress will go up on Saturday the 28th, about 6 pm Pacific Time; the auction will last a week. The other three dresses will be auctioned in the weeks following.


To help with the celebration, we’ll be posting sneak peeks and insights about each dress on the blog and on our Pinterest page (so much fun!).

I hope you can join us for this new collection — it promises to be a truly exciting adventure into the world of invention!