Betsy: inside the materials

Hello all!

I fully intended to get this post up earlier in the week — but it wound up being a pretty crazy one (involving some pattern work — Ardith and Betsy’s patterns are both coming along nicely and should be out in the near future — and a great work/design meeting with Cinnamon from Liberty Jane). All’s well that ends well, though, so here are some of the juicy details about the materials that went into making “Betsy”.

This fabric has been in the Melody Valerie stash for a year or two now, just waiting for the right moment. It’s such a soft, soft jersey knit (I seem to remember it being a bamboo-blend — super luxurious) and the color is divine. It’s got a great hand, and a nice touch of stretch; and (what’s better) it snaps right back into shape. (There is very little worse than a knit that stretches out — only to stay that way. 😦 )


But probably the most fun part of this dress was picking out the embellishments. This was the perfect excuse to order some genuine watch parts from Etsy! Nothing like watch gears for a truly steampunk dress.

etsy steampunk watch gears image

It was fascinating to sift through all the little pieces, and pick out the ones best suited to the dress. Some of the pieces are so tiny — truly incredible!

Local craft stores provided most of the bling, chain and filigree work — I enjoyed trolling the aisles, looking for just the right colors of metal, and pieces that were detailed enough to be on doll clothing. (A lot of lovely pieces that look great on people are simply not detailed enough for doll-scale work.) So I was thrilled to find some little beauties — add some Austrian crystals, and together, they really make the dress pop!???????????????????????????????

Anyway, that’s the backstory of some of what went into making “Betsy”. The auction will be live until about 6 pm PST tonight — don’t miss your chance to bid on this piece of artwork!



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