Happy New Year + Design Academy

Hello all! and welcome to January!

It’s been a quiet month in our studio, but we are starting to ramp back up into production mode. There are lots of fabric scraps running around and new sketches lining the design wall — which all means, we’re starting to plan for the Spring line already (and hope to tell you more about it soon, too — we have fun new ideas we’re excited to try).

spring picture


In between all the sketching, patterning, mocking-up, and stitching, I (Melinda) will be helping with the Liberty Jane 2014 Design Academy course! Are any of you enrolled? This is my first time helping with the Academy, but I am excited to see the work and growth that will come out of it. I think we’ll all learn a lot through it, and hopefully have some fun along the way! (PS: click on the picture to view the Design Academy page on the Liberty Jane website. Enrollment for this Academy session is closed, but you can still purchase and download the eBook, which is chock-full of useful information.)


LJC design academy picture

That’s the big news from around here, but stay tuned — Melody and I will have more info about the Spring line coming soon…



2 thoughts on “Happy New Year + Design Academy

  1. I’ll see you at Design Academy!! I am so excited about this. Really want to start designing my own patterns & learn how to turn them into PDF’s. Not tech savvy, so I’d be learning a computer program too, any suggestions ?

    • The design academy is a great place to start! Surprising as it sounds, you can always find other people to help you with the computer-y things, so for starters I’d suggest just focusing on getting your designs the best they can be. Then, once you have a great product, you can start finding ways to get it into a PDF — Cinnamon, or the LJC support line (support [at] pixiefaire.com) would be a great place for more specific pointers.
      See you at the Academy!

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