Auctions start Saturday!!

It’s the first day of spring, and we thought we’d celebrate by giving you a Spring Line update!

Things are really cooking around here — we spent all day touching up photos, tweaking listing text, and generally getting our draft listings looking their spiffiest.

The dresses will all go live on Saturday, and the auctions will run for a week. However, their start/end times are staggered a bit. We worked up a handy graphic to help explain:

auction schedule

Please feel free to pin, promote, or pass the word along as you see fit. 🙂

In between everything else, we are hard at work on getting the patterns for these little beauties out! We will be offering patterns for Gelato Stand, the Wild Side, and Seashells. Now, to get back to editing step-by-step photos….

Thanks for following along, and happy spring to all of you!

Melinda and Melody


2 thoughts on “Auctions start Saturday!!

  1. Lucky us! And I hope it is inadvertent that you didn’t say you’re working on getting out a pattern for Dewkissed, my favorite. Do I ever admire your work! Lucky, lucky us! Happy Spring!

    • I am so glad you like Dewkissed! However, it’s the one dress we won’t be offering a pattern for — this design was originally a custom order, and it appears in the spring line by special arrangement. 🙂

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