Thank you!

Well, the auctions are over — what a week it was! Thank you everyone who bid, watched, or even just enjoyed looking at the dresses. It means so much to us, to have you following along and participating. We got the dresses all packaged and sent off in the mail today; they’re on their way to their new home!

Also, on a related note, thanks to all our new subscribers! I keep finding emails in my inbox, saying someone else likes our blog enough to subscribe for updates. That’s pretty cool! We love sharing these adventures in fabric with you.

And now: can anyone guess what we did this morning? (Besides taking the Spring line to the post office, of course.)
seashells pattern proof dress
You guessed it! That’s the pattern proof for our “Seashells” pattern. It’s a neat little pattern, if we do say so ourselves; simple in essence, but full of those quirky little construction details that you just have to love. And I also love the ‘punky’ vibe this color combination has. So many options, so many different looks, so little time… so, let’s just say I’m looking forward to seeing what color combinations you seamstresses will come up with!


Until next time,
Melinda (and Melody!)


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