Boardwalk Patterns are here!

Hello all,

Well, after some feverish work, we have got the patterns for Seashells, the Wild Side, and Gelato Stand up and available on Pixie Faire!


Seashells: designed for soft, lightweight knits, this cozy little beauty features raglan sleeves, a lined bodice, some clever bindings, and an optional skirt applique!


The Wild Side: spice up an otherwise ordinary little frock with tabs and topstitching, slightly reminiscent of military garb. Rows of ruffles, made from trim or ribbon, add a fun girly flair.

 Gelato_Stand_Cover_WEB_1024x1024Gelato Stand: it doesn’t get much more classic and elegant than this! Clean, straight lines; a contrast yoke with a clever standing collar; and an optional sparkly buckle atop a classic silhouette. Works up nicely in mid-weight, slightly crisp fabrics.

They are all lovely patterns, with clear pictures and step-by-step instructions to help make construction easy! We’re so thrilled with how they came out, and we think you will be too.

If you make these patterns, give us a shout-out — we’d love to see what your version looks like! Either comment here, or drop us an email: melodyvalerie [at] !

Wishing you all a lovely spring,

Melinda and Melody


5 thoughts on “Boardwalk Patterns are here!

  1. hi! Where’s the pattern for dew kissed? that was the one I was really looking forward to, even though all of them are nice. 🙂

    • Hi! “Dewkissed” was originally designed as a custom order, so it appeared in the Spring line by special arrangement. Unfortunately, that means we won’t be offering a pattern for it. 😦

  2. Hello! If I wanted a replica of an ice dance dress for my doll around how much would it cost? I would like to start saving up! Forgive me if I’m not putting this in the right area of your site, but I didn’t know where else to put it! Thanks. 🙂

    • Hi Beth! No worries, thanks for your interest! Labor charges for customs currently start at $75; depending on what you had in mind, your total bill could be anywhere from $85-175; there are a couple options for how we could do this. Feel free to drop me an email (melodyvalerie [at] if you’d like more details! 🙂

      • Thanks so much for the estimate! I’m almost saved up! Once I know I got everything set, I’ll send you an email. My girl would love to have a custom outfit for her skating! 🙂

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