flash sale items coming tomorrow!

Hello everyone!

Just a friendly reminder, we’ll be putting up a couple items in our Etsy shop tomorrow morning! Melody did her annual ‘closet purge’ and found some more treasures she’s excited to share with you…. hope you can join us!

Click here to visit our Etsy shop!

Until tomorrow!

Melinda & Melody

2014 melodys secret closet flash sale announcement


Melody’s Secret Closet: Flash Sale is Coming!

Hello all!

Yes, it’s true — Melody has once again cleaned out her closet, and will be sharing her treasures with you! Just in time for Christmas!

2014 melodys secret closet flash sale announcement

It’s going to be exciting! Thanks so much everyone!

Melinda and Melody

PS: Sorry for the earlier email/post that went out — bit of a glitch on our end. This is the official post!! 🙂