A random surprise!

Yesterday I had to pick up a few supplies at the fabric store, and when I overheard the other lady at the cutting counter explaining that she works with dolls, I just had to ask. Turns out, it was Erin of Cupcake Cutie Pie! (You can check out her Etsy here.) I had heard her name thrown around a fair bit, but never expected to meet her in person!

Once we figured out who each other were, there may have been a little mutual “squee”-ing. 🙂

Erin and Melinda

Erin, it was so delightful to meet another one of us crazy people who sew for dolls!

In other news:

things have been stirring in the studio!  We have a couple new patterns in the works — so look for a couple delicious teaser pics in the days to come…