Better 2Gether

Sometimes, what you really need is a friend!

We were delighted to take on this custom order — two matching dresses, worked up in a soft, charcoal gray wool.

We enjoyed the challenge of smocking the yokes. While it took a little mental gymnastics to figure out how to make the arrowheads meet in the middle, the result is well worth the effort.

The bows are made from silk charmeuse. It’s so soft we think everybody ought to love it!

Is there anything that can beat spending time with a good friend? Well, maybe having matching dresses…

–Melody Valerie


4 thoughts on “Better 2Gether

  1. Would they both cost $80 so two would be $160 or were they $80 for two dresses? So did you charge each dress individually?

    • Hi Mel,
      Yes, the $80 estimate is for one dress only (although the pricing for each custom order is also customized!). Thanks for asking!
      –Melinda and Melody

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