Camp Artek Uniforms

completed custom camp uniforms 021

 Yeva, the 1960s Soviet doll who ordered a coat from us earlier, wondered if we could make her a camp uniform.  She was specifically interested in the 1960s uniform from Camp Artek, which is a Soviet camp on the Black Sea. This time she didn’t have many photos specifically of what she wanted, but she did have quite a few snapshots of the camp! It was a lot of fun to look through all the photos and think of what it must have been like to go to this camp.

artekgirls at camp artek take two






so cute


group photo





Although there seems to have  been a good bit of variety in the uniforms (blue shirts or white? Skirts or shorts? Neckties or not?) Yeva and her owner just wanted blue shorts and white, button-down shirts.

completed custom camp uniforms 042completed custom camp uniforms 044









completed custom camp uniforms 052We started with a basic shirt pattern, and altered it to include classic tailored shirt details, like the original camp uniforms in the pictures probably would have had. Ours has a back yoke, two tiny back pleats, miniscule flat-felled seams, and four working buttons down the front.

completed custom camp uniforms 053

Then we tackled the shorts. These presented a bit more of a challenge—even though Yeva wanted very, very plain, fly-front pants (no pleats, gathers, ruffles, pockets or even belt loops!) we still went through five mockups before we were happy with the result! (This is because we usually make dresses and not pants.) It was a lot of work to get the pattern just right, but the end result was definitely worth all that effort.  The shorts fit perfectly! (And you’d never guess we aren’t pantmakers by trade…)

completed custom camp uniforms 030

completed custom camp uniforms 039 


Melody and Lisette were very happy to wear the uniforms for the photoshoot, and as you can see, they had a lot of fun while I worked the camera. Before I knew it, they were climbing a small rock retaining wall, proving these uniforms’ rugged capabilities! completed custom camp uniforms 006

We all hope Yeva has a fabulous time with her reproduction Camp Artek uniforms!

—Melinda, for all of the MVC staff


3 thoughts on “Camp Artek Uniforms

  1. On all your pages the clothes look great, but most of all I love the story line of the dolls. I am an old lady with 7 special needs dolls. (3 AG, 1springfield, +3) who get into mischief when I am out. Now that they have seen your site they all want to go to camp this summer and wear your outfits. Problems for me ahead.

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