the Middy Dress

Back in February, a lady on Etsy contacted us. She was looking for someone to make a replica of a dress her grandmother wore in the 1920s. Needless to say, we jumped at the chance to make something this cute!

 After deciding on a navy blue and yellow color scheme, we set to work.

The bodice was fairly straightforward: a simple v-neck and a slightly dropped waist. The sleeves weren’t too difficult either, but the patches posed a bit of a challenge: how were we going to get so much detail onto the sleeve in such a small space?

Embroidery was the answer. Using a multi-strand thread (a bit thicker than for normal doll-scale work) we stitched up the winged eagle and the capital E monogram  (which went on the right and left sleeves, respectively).

Putting on all the ribbon stripes was a lot of fun, but I (Melinda) think my favorite part was watching as all the pieces came together. First, we put the striped cuffs and emblems on the plain navy blue sleeves. Then came the belt at the waist. Its single, cheerful yellow stripe looked fabulous against the sea of solid blue, and who couldn’t love all the buttons?

Then it was time for the collar. The dull, flat surface of the cotton contrasts beautifully with the shiny satin tie.

Of course, last but not least is the tam. We worked it up in stretch velvet. Normally we try to avoid stretchy, synthetic fibers, but in this case the stretch velvet offered the right amount of sheen, drape and weight for the tast at hand. Adding a hand-made pompom to the top was the perfect finishing touch.


5 thoughts on “the Middy Dress

  1. First off, what a fantastic source photo! Second, I am delurking to say that I think this is your loveliest creation yet! Top notch ladies, top notch.

  2. I love this dress can you please make one. The embroidery is so perfect. I love the colors. It matches up perfectly with the picture. Your best creation yet

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