the Vintage Roses dress

For this custom project, we got to recreate a real vintage girls’ dress. Since some of the details are not very clear from the photograph, we had a bit of interpretation work to do! However, we enjoyed puzzling over the photo, and think that our recreation captures the charm and femininity of the original garment.

Our customer specifically requested a floral print, with a big pink sash. We were only too happy to oblige, and were thrilled to find a delightful cotton printed with tiny pink roses. Perfect!

 As far as styling was concerned, we decided to make three flounces on the bodice and a very, very ruffly skirt (it has four tiers, in fact!). When Lisette put it on for the very first time she was impressed by how twirly it was — and then promptly requested an underskirt for modesty! Needless to say, we made sure to put one in…

Since the photograph didn’t show anything of the dress’s back, we were able to take a bit more artistic liberty. So we decided to showcase our signature bow at the center back of the sash. It seemed like the perfect finishing touch to such a girly, charming design!


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