Today’s Fairytales

“Today’s Fairytales” began when our client sent us the photo below — a dress from ModCloth. It was so delightful that we couldn’t resist the challenge. After some discussion, we decided on a purple and gray color scheme, instead of the original green-gray.


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7 thoughts on “Today’s Fairytales

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  2. Your doll clothes are beautiful. There is no one that can touch your designs or your sewing skills in clothes for 18-inch dolls. There’s a woman who dresses her thinner dolls with movable joints, but she does something all together different. I just saw your new collection. Very nice. This lavender dress is still my fave.

    • Thank you! Yes, this was a very fun dress to make 😀 I’d love to get it out as a pattern, we’re working to get as many of these great designs published as possible!

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