Boardwalk | Spring 2014 Collection

Four new designs to grace the boardwalk this spring. Click on the images below to view more images of each dress. Whether your style is ethereal and delicate, or bold and audacious, we hope you’ll find something you like here! title image dewkissed

title image

title image

title image


13 thoughts on “Boardwalk | Spring 2014 Collection

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  2. Exquisite as always! I always look forward to see which will be released as patterns on Pixie Faire. Can I ask a silly question? What is the significance of some models being barefoot? I have seen some MVC designs and the dolls have shoes on–maybe only your winter designs. I’m just weird about wanting shoes on my dolls when I photograph them but I figured with you guys being experts there must be some artistic significance that I was missing. 🙂

    • Hi Tari,
      Actually, I started photographing the dolls barefoot back when we first launched MVC, simply trying to be clear that the listing included only the dress, no shoes or accessories. Since then, I’ve kept that look — I feel that it helps reinforce our ‘minimalist’ aesthetic, and is part of what gives MVC photos their distinctive ‘feel’. However, there are times when not having shoes just looks silly — like outdoor photographs in the winter! 🙂
      Thanks for your kind comments! We’re working to get the patterns out even now — more on that in the coming week or two!

  3. Oh, goody! I think “Dewkissed” is what my dolls have been dreaming of all their lives. They’re all beautiful, though. I especially can hardly wait for the patterns! Congratulations on more fantabulous designs!!!!!

    • Thank you! Yes, we’re working to get the patterns out soon — more on that in the next week or so!

  4. love your patterns . I can’t wait until another one comes out. I check every day. I just got done making the dress with the clock stuff on the top, see some times I think I think my mind is gone A sewing room will help. I had to use buttons, but it turned out nice.

    • Thank you so much! Your enthusiasm means so much to us! We’re already working to get the patterns out, more on that in the coming week….!

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