Across the Sea

The sea.

In its simplest definition, a sea is nothing more than a large body of water separating land from land. But crossing it is a far different matter. Who knows what lies on the other side?

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To make this dress, we began with a calm, almost mysterious palette of gray blues. A silvery sateen, a gray-blue silk chiffon, and a deep navy wool crepe were the three main players, and we stitched them up in a straight-seamed dress accented with triangular godets. Then we put in two long ties down the back — we love the way they drape and tie into our signature bow, and something about them makes us think of sailing, too.

The back of the dress was an elegant beauty. But the front, by comparison, was downright plain. To make it sing, we fished up some iridescent, nubbly freshwater pearls, fashioning them into a simple necklace with some shining silvery chain. At last! The dress was complete.


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