Brown Paper Packages

We humans never actually travel through the post. But there’s something about receiving a parcel in the mail that connects us to the sender, even though it was merely stuff that made the journey. Most parcels today voyage through space-time wrapped in anything handy, from nearly indestructible fibrous envelopes to old boxes wrapped with countless layers of packing tape. We, however, like the poetry of “brown paper packages tied up with string”!

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So, we began with a smooth brown wool (it has a little bit of Lycra in it, which makes it slightly stretchy!) and pleated it to evoke the original folds in brown paper wrapping. We substituted silk ribbon for the string, but ‘wrapped’ it around the dress in a similar pattern. And of course, we couldn’t resist putting our signature bow right where the ‘string’ crossed!

Even though these dresses will probably all journey to their new homes inside the red, white and blue of Priority Mail boxes, instead of the brown paper and string of yesteryear, we hope the tangible connection will remain the same.


3 thoughts on “Brown Paper Packages

  1. Stunning! This was my favorite. I had gotten on my mom’s phone to see this quickly while with my cousins to see that two of these were left. I was hoping to get one for myself when I got home, but twenty minutes later they were gone!

    I love the shades of color in here. They are marvelous together.

  2. Did you get this idea from the sound of music because there’s a song that says (Brown Paper Packages tied up with string. These are a few of my favorite things.)

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